Fried Vegetables and Next Meats in Sweet & Sour Sauce

“ I wanted to create a vegan dish featuring exclusively Vietnamese ingredients. The recipe highlights a sauce that strikes a harmonious balance between sweetness and gentle spiciness. It perfectly enhances and elevates the natural flavours of Next Meats. ”

K-pop Tindle Steam Bao

” It has never been as easy and exciting for a chef to create great culinary experiences for our customers, that are delicious, indulgent, and nutritious, without the use of animal products. ”

Khurchan, Roomali Pancakes with Cucumber and Radish Salad


Stir fried Tindleà la Thailandaise

” Macau weather is hot and humid, the Thai style dish does stimulate everyone’s appetite ”

Karana Thai ‘Fish’ Cakes

” Our vision is to inspire and educate the local community on making better food choices. ”

Can You Dig It

” Can You Dig It is a celebration of wonderful ingredients we get from the earth. Each time I cook with Impossible, I love the way the patty still messes with my head a bit. ”

Charred Pastrami Sandwich

” Always keep it real. ”

Flaked Tuna Niçoise Salad

” The flaked tuna niçoise salad offers a beautiful and refreshing start to diners’ meat-free meal at Casserole. It’s a great balance of simplicity and complexity. ”

Shiok Lobster Terrine, Spheres, and Gazpacho

Steak Tagliata

” This recipe is inspired by the Italian steak tagliata from Tuscany. Redefine can be a great vessel to keep this classic going if you’ve decided to go plant-based. ”

Tindle Sambal Burger

” Plant-based food is not boring. Tindle enables us to think outside the box and create innovative dishes that challenge people’s perceptions of vegan eating. ”

The Impossible Tindle Joint

“ This is the beginning of a new culinary journey into the future of food; a journey of discovery, excitement, and reflection that I invite you all to be part of. ”

Raspberry Tart

Dairy-Free Chocolate and Caramel Choux

Our Local Date

” It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation with Chef Christophe Devoille ”

Mango and Coconut Pavlova

Tangy Swirl

“ With an identical melting point and a neutral flavour, Be Better is about the mouthfeel and great transport for the subtle flavours of fruit, spice and chocolate. They emerge in a clean and honest way. ”

Peanuts About Cool Haus

“ Coolhaus is a creamy and indulgent ice cream made from the goodness of dairy, but without cows. It uses a dairy protein that is identical to the whey protein found in traditional milk. ”