Our Partners

Our Partners

Redefine Meat believes the world deserves a new kind of meat that’s good for the environment, kinder to animals, and delicious. With cutting-edge technology, they’ve created plant-based ‘New Meat’ that has the same flavor, texture, and versatility as animal meat, and is suitable for any type of cuisine and cooking style.

Next Meats are 100% plant-based meats from Japan. Delicious, versatile and eco-friendly, Next Meats feature Japanese cuts that are rich in taste and texture.

Yumgo plant-based yolk, white and whole are plant-based ingredients for chefs aiming to replace eggs in sweet and savoury recipes. Good for the planet, good for animals, Yumgo is made with natural and allergen-free ingredients.

Beyond Meat is a leading plant-based food company with a mission to nurture a brighter future. Vegetable, great taste. Beyond Meat products contain no GMOs, soy, gluten and cholesterol.

Foraged from Shiitake mushrooms, Fable is goodness unearthed. It’s real mushrooms, just surprisingly and fantastically meaty. Fable is a natural and tasty way to eat healthier with a side of saving the plane

Coolhaus is a creamy and indulgent ice cream made from the goodness of real dairy, without the cows. It uses a dairy protein that is identical to the whey protein found in traditional milk. This milk protein is extracted from microflora through fermentation (like brewing beers). Coolhaus is lactose and cholesterol free.

BeBetter plant-based butter is an easy 1:1 ingredient swap with cow butter. It is designed and perfected for pastry. With an identical melting point and a neutral flavor, BeBetterMyFriend is about the mouthfeel and great transport for the subtle flavours of fruit, spice or chocolate that emerge in a clean and honest way.

KARANA is a whole-plant meat made from young jackfruit. Their whole-plant meat shreds have a texture like shredded pork loin & has been developed by chefs to be easy to use in the kitchen and versatile across many cuisines but most of all, tasty! It is sustainably sourced, has a short ingredient list, is minimally processed
with no artificial flavours or colors.

Julienne Bruno is crafting dairy-free vegan cheese and meat-free salami that are made with naturally plant-based ingredients like fermented legumes & slow roasted vegetables. The ingredients are plant-based. The flavor is in the detail. The detail is in the craft!

Only Eg is the Singapore’s first plant-based substitute for eggs, developed with proprietary technology and created by the in-house research and development team. Only Eg creates legume-based products with the versatility that can appeal to Asian and Western palates, whilst contributing to a sustainable food ecosystem.

IMPOSSIBLE FOODS uses modern science to make meat directly from plants – with a much smaller environmental footprint than meat from animals. Made for meat lovers, Impossible Foods tastes, smells, and cooks like meat. It is extremely versatile and can be served as dumplings, tacos, meatballs, samosas, spring rolls.

GOOD CATCH, created by Chef Chad and Derek Sarno, is propelling change through people’s plates with delicious plant-based protein alternatives. Good Catch products have been created from a blend of legumes including peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans and navy beans. Easy to cook, Good Catch products can be adopted into many different dishes across an array of cuisines.

TiNDLE is ridiculously good chicken made from plants. With a great taste, texture, and culinary versatility, TiNDLE satisfies every meat lover’s desire. TiNDLE is high in protein fiber, low in carbs, and also GMO and cholesterol-free. Made with chefs, for chef, the possibilities are endless using TiNDLE.