The Crucial Role of Distributors as Catalysts for Change

Intermediaries like distributors play a vital role in ensuring the availability and accessibility of alternative proteins. We connect producers and customers, bridging the supply chain, but our responsibilities go beyond that. It is our duty to stimulate demand for these alternatives by staying updated, curating the best brands and products, providing feedback to start-ups for improvement, promoting adoption, and supporting the shift towards a sustainable food system.

This mission requires a strategic long-term perspective and internal alignment on values and resource allocation. As distributors, being early adopters and catalysts for delivering innovative solutions to chefs and consumers, we have the potential to make the most significant impact on the future of alternative proteins.

Karen Tay is the dynamic Managing Director of Classic Fine Foods (CFF) Singapore, as well as a board member and Group Lead for Alternative Proteins at CFF Group. With extensive international experience in consumer food brands, foodservice, and retail, Karen is known for her strategic acumen and visionary leadership. Passionate about FoodTech and sustainability, she actively mentors start-ups and social enterprises, striving to make a positive impact, both in and out of the Culinary world.