“Dream Fair, Eat Fun” or How to Reconcile Responsible Consumption with the Pleasure of Taste

As a baker, pastry chef, and entrepreneur, I founded Maison Landemaine and co-created YUMGO, a plant-based alternative to eggs. Now, I have decided to put my businesses in service of protecting life. With my network of 100% plant-based bakeries, Land & Monkeys, I’m proving that a plant-based diet can be delicious and satisfying.

To do this, I’ve worked with agricultural engineers and researchers to select substitute products for each ingredient family. For example, we use plant-based butter instead of traditional butter, and soy, almond or rice milk instead of cow’s milk. We also use Yumgo instead of eggs.

At Land & Monkeys, we use traditional methods and carefully selected natural ingredients to create reinvented versions of artisanal bakery classics. We’re preserving the best of French gastronomy while committing to zero animal exploitation. We believe in responsible consumption and the pleasure of taste, which is why we use the slogan “Dream Fair, Eat Fun”.

Our company’s approach is guided by the notion of “fair”, which means preserving the planet and all living beings, human and non-human. We’re proud to offer a new chapter in gastronomy that is sustainable, ethical, and delicious.

Rodolphe Lendemaine is an entrepreneur who has developed his artisanal bakery and pastry brand in Paris, Lille, and Tokyo before opening Land&Monkeys, the first bakery serving 100% plant-based baked goods in Paris. Lendemaine’s main objective with Land & Monkeys is to contribute to a new, more sustainable food culture that is less carbon-intensive and respectful of all living beings.