Chefs Can Act as a “Quality Gatekeeper”

As a chef, you have the power to make a real impact on the launch of new F&B products. Wondering why and how? Keep reading!

In a world where retail space is limited, highly competitive and expensive, brands need all the help they can get to ensure a good first impression with consumers. This is where you come in as a culinary superstar with a strong signaling power and a knack for offering new and exciting experiences to your customers.

With your expertise, you can ensure the quality of new products, provide a memorable first impression, and craft a compelling story around them. You can even serve as a sparring partner in the development of new products. And with your culinary credibility, you can transfer trust from your loyal customers to the new products’ brand, creating a positive experience that will drive demand for home consumption.

Just look at brands like Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Tindle, and Oatly. They are successful use cases that prove the power of collaboration between chefs and F&B brands.

And the benefits are not just for the brands. By working with innovations, you can tap into a source of inspiration and creativity, gain an edge over your competition, satisfy consumer demands, and increase your revenues with new products that draw in new customers to your restaurant.

So, take advantage of this opportunity to make a real difference in the launch of new F&B products. Unleash your culinary creativity and join the exciting journey of creating the next big thing in the industry!

Frank Anders is the Head of Strategy & Financial Planning at NX-Food, a food innovation consultancy based in Germany. He is known for his expertise in the food industry, particularly in the area of go-to-market strategies for new food products and brands. In 2021, he published the whitepaper “Gastronomy-First”, which outlines the benefits of involving culinary experts in the development of new food products.