Can Small, Independent Producers Play a Role in Promoting the Trend Towards Flexitarianism?

In recent years, there has been a rapid influx of vegan products launched by large corporate companies in response to the growing demand for plant-based ingredients from consumers and supermarkets. However, I believe that many of these products fail to truly resonate with consumers, leading to a one-time trial and a lack of repeat purchases. As smaller, independent producers like us step into the spotlight, I envision a second wave of opportunities arising.

By prioritising quality, taste, and sustainability in our products, we aim to win over consumers and contribute to a culinary landscape where plant-based ingredients shine in their own right. As a small, independent producer, we are driven by the passion to create offerings that truly capture the hearts and taste buds of our customers, inspiring them to embrace plant-based choices as a regular part of their lives.

A significant driving force behind this shift will be the innovative chefs in restaurants who incorporate ingredients like ours into their dishes. By doing so, they will ignite an aspirational desire among home cooks to experiment and create new culinary experiences using these familiar yet novel products.

Ultimately, our vision for a plant-based dominated market in gastronomy goes beyond the need for the “vegan” label. We envision a future where plant- based options become the default choice for consumers. Instead of being a niche or specialty, plant-based cuisine will take center stage and become an integral part of mainstream dining experiences.

Axel Katalan is the Founder and CEO of Julienne Bruno, a company aiming to make plant-based food the first choice for consumers instead of an alternative. Through innovative techniques and the use of simple, natural produce, Julienne Bruno wants to showcase plant-based cuisine as the most exciting area in gastronomy.