Can Long-Standing Culinary Traditions and Alternative Protein Ever Match?

Culinary magic emerges where innovation meets tradition. The longstanding belief that alternative proteins compromise flavor for eco-friendliness is a misconception. At GOURMEY, we’re transforming this narrative by crafting culinary- grade cultivated meats that elevate the entire category. Our cell-based foie gras, hailed by eminent chefs and discerning critics, embodies the seamless union of sustainability and culinary luxury. As we redefine perceptions about alternative proteins, we envision a future where chefs, connoisseurs, and everyday epicures alike savor the unmatched taste of progress.

Nicolas Morin-Forest is the co-founder and CEO of GOURMEY, a pioneering cultivated meat company based in Paris, France, creating sustainable meat delights from state-of-the-art cell cultivation techniques combined with culinary arts. Nicolas has a background at the crossroads of consumer goods companies (L’Oréal) and the nonprofit sector (several environmental organisations) as he was involved in several development aid missions, particularly in Latin America around the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices.