Can Long-Standing Culinary Traditions and Alternative Protein Ever Match?

Culinary magic emerges where innovation meets tradition. The longstanding belief that alternative proteins compromise flavor for eco-friendliness is a misconception.

What Are Some of the Biggest Challenges That Need to Be Addressed in Order to Transition to a More Sustainable Food System That Relies Less on Animal Products?

In order to understand the impact—and challenges—of our current food system and its immense reliance on animals, we first need to deeply understand meat (and why people love meat).

What Is Your Perspective on the Growth of the Alternative Protein Market, and How Do You See It Evolving in the Future?

I believe that complementary ingredients or enhancers to alternative protein are often overlooked but have huge potential. Innovative fats and sweeteners can improve the taste and texture of alternative protein, bringing it closer to the animal version.

As a Nutritionist, Which Alternative Protein Source Are You Most Excited About and Why?

If you had surveyed the public a couple years ago on who was interested in insect-based meals, this is all you’d be hearing: crickets.

“Dream Fair, Eat Fun” or How to Reconcile Responsible Consumption with the Pleasure of Taste

As a baker, pastry chef, and entrepreneur, I founded Maison Landemaine and co-created YUMGO, a plant-based alternative to eggs.

What Inspired You to Eliminate Animal-Based Ingredients from Your Pastry Recipes?

As a partly French-trained pastry chef, where pastry is traditionally high in animal products such as eggs, cream, and butter, I faced a challenge due to my lactose intolerance.

Can Small, Independent Producers Play a Role in Promoting the Trend Towards Flexitarianism?

In recent years, there has been a rapid influx of vegan products launched by large corporate companies in response to the growing demand for plant-based ingredients from consumers and supermarkets.

The Crucial Role of Distributors as Catalysts for Change

Intermediaries like distributors play a vital role in ensuring the availability and accessibility of alternative proteins.

Chefs Can Act as a “Quality Gatekeeper”

As a chef, you have the power to make a real impact on the launch of new F&B products. Wondering why and how? Keep reading!

The AI Perspective

ChatGPT is undoubtedly the sensation of 2023. We asked this AI instrument to share its perspective on Alternative Proteins, and here it is!

What Alternative Proteins Have the Most Potential to Revolutionize the Food Industry and Why?

What Alternative Proteins Have the Most Potential to Revolutionize the Food Industry and Why?

The most exhilarating part of working in Alternative Proteins is that—unlike conventional animal meat, dairy, or eggs— the products keep getting better and better.

The Happy Cow Myth, Asian Consumers & Attitudes Towards Alt Proteine

“A great deal of analysis about alt protein consumers suffers from a significant blind spot, namely, a lack of geographical diversity…”